12 September 2009

AVR: Introduction to AVR through a simple program.

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AVR are RISC based microcontroller made by ATMEL. This post introduces AVR by the help of a simple program which toggles a LED. It is achieved by the help of WinAVR and ATMEL AVR-Studio. ATMEGA8 is used and is programmed in C Language. Continue reading

8 September 2009

PIC: Interfacing 16×2 LCD with PIC

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This is a simple and small sample demonstrating basic interfacing of 16×2 LCD with PIC16F876. It uses PORTC for LCD, and workd upon 4-Bit.
Upon running the sample, “CreativeElectron” will be displayed on the LCD.
The Zip file contains;

- Source Code and Header File (.C)
- Proteus Working Simulation (.DSN)
- Image file of Design Continue reading

6 September 2009

MCU:Common Controllers Pin Configurations

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I have created a much needed document containing pin diagrams of common microcontrollers. Uptil there are very few microcontrollers in it, but later will add AVR and other famous ones too.

  • PIC12F629
  • PIC12F675
  • PIC16F84A
  • PIC16F876
  • PIC16F870
1 September 2009

Fun: Send your name to MARS !

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Yes! you read it right, it is a project initiated by NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, by which you can send your name to Mars. By participating in it, your name will carried to Mars on a microchip carried by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Hover. You will be given a registration number as well as  certificate which you can print also. Continue reading

29 August 2009

Project: Distance Detecting PC

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Project Link: Distance Detecting PC

A sonar rangefinder, an Arduino, and some clever programming, he’s made is computer react to his distance from it. As you can see in the video after the jump, he has programmed it to change text size and background color depending on his distance from the screen. While he admits that his implementation doesn’t seem immediately useful, there’s lots of potential  there. Continue reading

29 August 2009

Photography: High-Speed Photography using Microphone

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In this project a microphone is used to activate flash, creating immense time-critical photographs. He uses sound activity as a trigger, by setting microphone under a tin sheet. The water drops on tin sheet creates a sound and hence ends up triggering the strobe. Simple idea in electronics but goes a long way in photography. Continue reading

29 August 2009

Project: 3D Computer Interface

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It’s an interface that uses electrostatics to detect your hand position above it. As you can see in the video, it has decent resolution and can detect position on all 3 axes. When they uncover it, you can see the sensors arranged in a grid. Continue reading

9 August 2009

XBee: Making your first application – 1

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After brief introduction to XBee, come the real practical and interesting part. Running a XBee has two options; whether you make your own board for development or buy one from SparkFun. Continue reading

31 July 2009

XBee: Introduction for Beginners

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XBee and XBee-PRO 802.15.4 OEM RF modules are embedded solutions providing wireless end-point connectivity to devices. These modules use the IEEE 802.15.4 networking protocol for fast point-to-multipoint or peer-to-peer networking. They are designed for high-throughput applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing.” (Digi.com – vendor of XBee Radios) Continue reading

15 June 2009

PIC: Timer Value Calculator

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Timers are one of the most usefel and powerful tool builtin in Microcontrollers. They help in generating prices timings requiredby many applications. In PIC, working with timers involve great deal of calculation. And it becomes a tiring job for a complex programming. Following are some of the value calculators, which prove quite handy in such situations. Continue reading

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