27 September 2009

XBee: Making your first application – 2

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The post explains step-by-step how to setup XBee modules with PC. It uses X-CTU for configuration of the modules. The posts also helps in testing the communication and range of the modules. If you are new to XBee than this is a very useful post. Continue reading

26 September 2009

AVR: How to take Analog input in AVR.

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This post explains how to use built-in ADC feature of AVR Microcontrollers. ATMEGA8 is used in this example, along with the source code in C. As you all know, natural environment is all analog. From temperature to seismic waves and from wind to fire every value is continuous in nature. But the problem is that all electronics is turning into digital, a non-continuous domain. So to acquire data from the environment we use an ADC (Analog to Digital Convertor). Continue reading

26 September 2009

Technology: Neural Implant Radio Controlled Beetle

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Scientists at the university of California have managed to implant a chip in a giant flower beetle that makes it respond to commands from the computer. They can tell it to fly, stop, turn left and turn right. The controls are done through its optic nerves and wing muscles. Though the article states that flight signals are sent to the optic lobes and steering is done through stimulation of the wing muscles, the video shows steering being accomplished through optic lobe stimulation. Continue reading

25 September 2009

GLCD: Interfacing 128×64 Pixel GLCD (KS0108) with PIC16F876

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The post shows how to interface 128×64 pixels Graphical LCD having KS0108 controller with PIC16F876. It uses CCS C Compiler to write a simple code which displays the text “Creative Electron” upon startup of controller. All the source code and simulation files are included. Continue reading

24 September 2009

GLCD: Introduction to Graphical LCD.

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The post explains the difference between Graphical LCDs and Line LCDs. Graphical LCDs offeres greater flexibility due to its pixel nature. They are used for text as well as graphics display such a BMP files. There are many types of LCDs flowing in market, and if you feel safe only with 16×2 line LCD than its the time to convert your programs to graphical LCD. Continue reading

20 September 2009

Technology: Are you human ? [Human Computation]

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A presentation by Google TechTalk explaining new methods for utiliziing Human Computational. By developing new games so that humans utilize their time without knowing and have fun. It explains how CAPTCHAs are used to digitize books and use human computational powers. Continue reading

16 September 2009

AVR: Reading Inputs in AVR

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The article explains how to take input from AVR and process it. It also explains the basic techniques required by a C programmer to use while programming for AVR.ATMEGA8 is used in this tutorial with WinAVR and AVR Studio.Without any doubt AVR is one powerful controllers in the market. Continue reading

15 September 2009

PIC:Introduction to PIC with simulation in Proteus.

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This tutorial is specially written for newbies to PIC. The article introduces CCS C Compiler and use of Proteus for simulation. It helps you to develop a simple program to flash a LED. Then, the steps for simulation are also provided for Proteus. In the end, two best Ebooks are referred for programming and simulation PIC. Continue reading

14 September 2009

Project: Digital Speedometer using GPS

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The project demonstrates how to build a speedometer using GPS as a sensor. It shows analog meter on GLCD screen, using a serial backpack. The project features LPC2148 ARM7, which is built in in SparkFun’s Package Tracker. Code and documents are provided with the project. Continue reading

14 September 2009

Electronics: FAQs for Beginners

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Basic questions answered related to electronics about voltage,current, resistors and other basic components. The questions keep on rising every now and then, and so is this post keeps expanding.

Listed below are some of the questions which keep popping in your mind if you are new to electronics, or haven’t got enough time to study about them. Although these questions are very basic, but most of the people really don’t know the exact and logical answers. Continue reading

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