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22 October 2009

PIC: Serial Communition in PIC Microcontroller- 1

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An introductory post on how to use serial communication in PIC Micrcontrollers to send data to PC. What comes first in your mind when you listen serial communication ? Yes, how to send data in series. All this time you have been working single bits, turning on and off. Well serial communication is nothing more than on and off, but the only difference is that it has certain rules and timings which make it the reliable and accurate communication protocol among all. Continue reading

2 October 2009

Circuit: Transistor based 3.3V-5V Level Translator

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Nowadays most of the devices are running on 3.3 volts, and likewise their communication levels also work on 3.3 volts. For example XBee runs on 3.3 volts and to interface it with microcontrollers running on 5V, one needs to translated voltages levels so that they both communicate. This post gives a schematic of transistor based level translation with Proetus simulation. Continue reading

25 September 2009

GLCD: Interfacing 128×64 Pixel GLCD (KS0108) with PIC16F876

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The post shows how to interface 128×64 pixels Graphical LCD having KS0108 controller with PIC16F876. It uses CCS C Compiler to write a simple code which displays the text “Creative Electron” upon startup of controller. All the source code and simulation files are included. Continue reading

14 September 2009

Project: Digital Speedometer using GPS

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The project demonstrates how to build a speedometer using GPS as a sensor. It shows analog meter on GLCD screen, using a serial backpack. The project features LPC2148 ARM7, which is built in in SparkFun’s Package Tracker. Code and documents are provided with the project. Continue reading

14 September 2009

Electronics: FAQs for Beginners

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Basic questions answered related to electronics about voltage,current, resistors and other basic components. The questions keep on rising every now and then, and so is this post keeps expanding.

Listed below are some of the questions which keep popping in your mind if you are new to electronics, or haven’t got enough time to study about them. Although these questions are very basic, but most of the people really don’t know the exact and logical answers. Continue reading

1 September 2009

Fun: Send your name to MARS !

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Yes! you read it right, it is a project initiated by NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, by which you can send your name to Mars. By participating in it, your name will carried to Mars on a microchip carried by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Hover. You will be given a registration number as well as  certificate which you can print also. Continue reading

29 August 2009

Project: Distance Detecting PC

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Project Link: Distance Detecting PC

A sonar rangefinder, an Arduino, and some clever programming, he’s made is computer react to his distance from it. As you can see in the video after the jump, he has programmed it to change text size and background color depending on his distance from the screen. While he admits that his implementation doesn’t seem immediately useful, there’s lots of potential  there. Continue reading

29 August 2009

Project: 3D Computer Interface

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It’s an interface that uses electrostatics to detect your hand position above it. As you can see in the video, it has decent resolution and can detect position on all 3 axes. When they uncover it, you can see the sensors arranged in a grid. Continue reading

17 April 2009

Exp: Launching of KIET.TV – An IP based In-Campus TV Channel

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Recently me and my classmate Arafat Safdar, initiated a step towards media promotion in our University. The concept was to minimize the gap between the departments and bring them closer.
So we planned to launch a TV Channel operated solely by the students from all departments. At first stage we were supposed to start our transmission over Local Area Network, through which the streaming will be… Continue reading

27 September 2008

woo hooo !

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Finally I made a blog for myself, and its the happiest day of my life = )
Here i will be posting my projects and articles related to electronics and software. Hope I keep updating the blog =)

its a long long way to go !… Continue reading