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30 November 2009

AVR: Simple AVR Programmer

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The project allows an easy transfer of hex programs to most Atmel AVR microcontrollers without the need for high cost and constraint time. Continue reading

2 October 2009

AVR: AVR Fuse Bit Calculator

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After the introduction to AVR you must have been doing good with this powerful controller. As you move further you will find fuses to be very useful to play with. And their proper and intelligent usage what makes your program best of all.

Following is the link to a very comprehensive fuse bits calculator, which takes all your inputs through drop-down menus and list. And finally generates the fuse bits and voila you are ready to go. Continue reading

27 September 2009

XBee: Making your first application – 2

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The post explains step-by-step how to setup XBee modules with PC. It uses X-CTU for configuration of the modules. The posts also helps in testing the communication and range of the modules. If you are new to XBee than this is a very useful post. Continue reading

24 September 2009

GLCD: Introduction to Graphical LCD.

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The post explains the difference between Graphical LCDs and Line LCDs. Graphical LCDs offeres greater flexibility due to its pixel nature. They are used for text as well as graphics display such a BMP files. There are many types of LCDs flowing in market, and if you feel safe only with 16×2 line LCD than its the time to convert your programs to graphical LCD. Continue reading

12 September 2009

AVR: Introduction to AVR through a simple program.

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AVR are RISC based microcontroller made by ATMEL. This post introduces AVR by the help of a simple program which toggles a LED. It is achieved by the help of WinAVR and ATMEL AVR-Studio. ATMEGA8 is used and is programmed in C Language. Continue reading

15 June 2009

PIC: Timer Value Calculator

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Timers are one of the most usefel and powerful tool builtin in Microcontrollers. They help in generating prices timings requiredby many applications. In PIC, working with timers involve great deal of calculation. And it becomes a tiring job for a complex programming. Following are some of the value calculators, which prove quite handy in such situations. Continue reading

6 May 2009

Download: CCS C Compiler 4.05

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Download CCS C Compiler 4.05 from the following; Continue reading

13 February 2009

Download: Proteus 7.4 with Patch

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Proteus is master of all the circuit simulators VSM.
The best of all is that it supports all the microcontrollers, specially PIC Microcontrollers. Continue reading