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22 October 2009

PIC: Serial Communition in PIC Microcontroller- 1

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An introductory post on how to use serial communication in PIC Micrcontrollers to send data to PC. What comes first in your mind when you listen serial communication ? Yes, how to send data in series. All this time you have been working single bits, turning on and off. Well serial communication is nothing more than on and off, but the only difference is that it has certain rules and timings which make it the reliable and accurate communication protocol among all. Continue reading

21 October 2009

PIC: PC Interfaced Digital Thermometer using PIC Microcontroller

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A very comprehensive tutorial explaining each and every step for making a digital thermometer. PIC16F876 is used along with LM35 temperature sensor. After reading and converting the values into temperature in Celsius, it is sent to PC over RS232. Continue reading

2 October 2009

Circuit: Transistor based 3.3V-5V Level Translator

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Nowadays most of the devices are running on 3.3 volts, and likewise their communication levels also work on 3.3 volts. For example XBee runs on 3.3 volts and to interface it with microcontrollers running on 5V, one needs to translated voltages levels so that they both communicate. This post gives a schematic of transistor based level translation with Proetus simulation. Continue reading

27 September 2009

Project: Using simple LED as a light sensor.

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Mostly LEDs are used as a light source. But they can also be used as a light sensor. This projects demonstrates how to use LED as a sensor with PIC Microcontroller. After reading the intensity of ambient light, it adjusts the intensity of 7-Segment display with the help of PWM. Source code is done in MikroC and is provided in the post. Continue reading

25 September 2009

GLCD: Interfacing 128×64 Pixel GLCD (KS0108) with PIC16F876

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The post shows how to interface 128×64 pixels Graphical LCD having KS0108 controller with PIC16F876. It uses CCS C Compiler to write a simple code which displays the text “Creative Electron” upon startup of controller. All the source code and simulation files are included. Continue reading

15 September 2009

PIC:Introduction to PIC with simulation in Proteus.

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This tutorial is specially written for newbies to PIC. The article introduces CCS C Compiler and use of Proteus for simulation. It helps you to develop a simple program to flash a LED. Then, the steps for simulation are also provided for Proteus. In the end, two best Ebooks are referred for programming and simulation PIC. Continue reading

8 September 2009

PIC: Interfacing 16×2 LCD with PIC

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This is a simple and small sample demonstrating basic interfacing of 16×2 LCD with PIC16F876. It uses PORTC for LCD, and workd upon 4-Bit.
Upon running the sample, “CreativeElectron” will be displayed on the LCD.
The Zip file contains;

- Source Code and Header File (.C)
- Proteus Working Simulation (.DSN)
- Image file of Design Continue reading

6 September 2009

MCU:Common Controllers Pin Configurations

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I have created a much needed document containing pin diagrams of common microcontrollers. Uptil there are very few microcontrollers in it, but later will add AVR and other famous ones too.

  • PIC12F629
  • PIC12F675
  • PIC16F84A
  • PIC16F876
  • PIC16F870
15 June 2009

PIC: Timer Value Calculator

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Timers are one of the most usefel and powerful tool builtin in Microcontrollers. They help in generating prices timings requiredby many applications. In PIC, working with timers involve great deal of calculation. And it becomes a tiring job for a complex programming. Following are some of the value calculators, which prove quite handy in such situations. Continue reading

6 May 2009

Download: CCS C Compiler 4.05

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Download CCS C Compiler 4.05 from the following; Continue reading

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