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For a nation that has a highly versatile pool talent and a global network of engineers and wiremen, we feel slightly tongue-tied to call our web portal the first-of-its-kind information source. Back in 2008 however, we felt the need to provide newbie Pakistani engineers with handy information about the many annoyances and stumbling blocks they might encounter.  The idea was to create a sharing platform that sparks originality and unfolds creativity, all of it within the domains of resources and challenges available around locally (spark plugs may be). The idea lives on and we now have some of the best and most relevant content collected over the years and growing fast.

You would like to stick around and keep visiting if you happen to be a student, a hobbyist, electronics engineer or an amazed fan of machine intelligence (and for that you will need to bookmark us). Here you can find useful tutorials, guides and articles derived from real life expertise in programming, microcontrollers and circuits. Besides, there is a fully functional discussion board where queries and problems attract solutions as fast as they appear.  Starting February 2010, the online store will be opening its doors to provide circuit components, hard-to-find equipment and peripherals at amazing prices.

There is a world to practical applications of electronics, and we can help you discover new solutions or build some exciting equipment, even in your own backyard. At Creative Electron, we want to break it down for you to make experimentation feasible, cost effective and interesting. Suggestions, comments and quizzical looks are welcomed; please feel free to interact with the authors for elaboration and explanations.

Authors and Contributors

Hamza Azeem is the founder of Creative Electron. An Electronics Engineer whose interests are not only limited to his profession. He is passionate about programming, computers and photography. “I believe in equal sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience religiously. The main motivation behind Creative Electron”.

Currently he is working at Creative Dynamics Engineering as System Design Engineer. He also enjoys working in a team, Race Automation and Solutions Expertise, which provide timing services to car races.

Contact him at hamza [at] creativeelectron.net

Kumail Ahmed is an electronics engineering student. He has keen interest in image processing and digital control systems. A passionate programmer who not only enjoys writing poetry in C# but has matching command in Urdu language. Kumail has huge appetite for learning and he is willing to go to limits.

Creative Electron feels good to have his expertise in AVR and Image Processing.

Contact him at kumailxp [at] yahoo.com

Are you Electronically Creative ?

Do you want write or share anything related to electronics? Feel free to send your stuff and get a platform. Also if you want to join our team send your requests right now on  ;

blog [at] creativeelectron.net

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