PROTEUS: How to interface XBEE/GSM Modem or any Serial port device with Proteus.

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Everyone will agree with the statement that Proteus changed the way we used to develop projects. It is indeed master of all whether PCB Designing or Circuit Simulation.¬†Few days back I just started roaming into Proteus components library and “discovered” a very intersting and magical component. Which really took over me and my ongoing projects were completed within no time. It is “COM Port Physical Interface Model” which enables the “physical” serial port of your PC to available to simulation within Proteus. With it you can connect any of the “virtual” component found in Proteus with your PC Serial port. In other word this model connects your physical world with the Proteus-Virtual-World :)


You can add the device to the working area by entering compim in Pick Devices. This will add a DB9 connector-kind model. Just take it as the DB9 connector of your PC and start connecting your controller or any virtual device with it.

Using COMPIM - Serial Port Model

Possible Usage Scenarios:

For the first time I used this model in development of my GSM Modem based project. In the project Modem is connected to PIC Microcontroller to receive SMS and display the send text on to LCD Screen. While PCB designer took his time, I connected my GSM Modem with PC and connected it to “virtual” PIC . This saved me alot of time and the PIC of Proteus was actually communicating with the real GSM modem.

Connecting real serial port devices with Proteus

As in the figure a serial port device is connected to the real serial port and by the model “compim” it is converted into virtual serial port. Practically speaking now your computer will behave as PIC Microcontroller.

The serial port model opens new horizons in ease for developing projects in very short time. And also breaks the barrier between the real world and virtual world of Proteus.

Happy Simulating =)

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  • kashif ilyas

    that is a very great option to use during development. yes it makes development process more flexible and faster. i came across this option few days back but didn't realized its advantages because i was just roaming around proteus files :)
    Proteus is not only capable of interacting with hardware serial but it can also handle your hardware USB port. give a look at those example files and you will get my point.
    it just encouraged me to do more work in development which i was leaving just because of hardware problems and the time and resources it consumes :)

    well this makes my favorite circuit useless which is ............................. RS232 circuit :D :P

  • aqeel


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